What is “one standard page” and how can I calculate the cost of translation?

“One standard page” is used to determine the amount and calculation of the cost of translation. It means the page of A4, 1800 characters with spaces.
If you want to calculate the cost by yourself you need to transfer the document into an electronic format. Then in the program «Microsoft Word» find window “Review” tab and click on “Statistics”. You must divide the number of characters with spaces by 1800 (standard translation page). In this way you’ll calculate the number of pages in the original text. The final cost is calculated on the finished translation and can not exceed the number of standard pages in the original text more than 20%.

How much time do you need to deliver translation?

Delivery times depend on the size of the document, subject and language. On average the standard delivery term of translation is 7-15 pages per day. Term of translation of oriental languages is 5-6 pages per day. Deadlines can be reduced and in this case the order will be considered as urgent.

Can you make a translation of a large document in a short time?

Yes. For large and urgent projects we set up a team of translators who work under the supervision of a Project Manager to ensure that the translation provided to the customer is consistent as regards terminology, style, lay-out, etc.

Do you have discounts?

Yes, our company gives discounts for large volume orders, as well as for regular customers. The discount amount is determined individually for each client.

Do you do a test translation?

Yes, we perform a test translation of one paragraph or a page, in the case of large volume order. We do not do a test translation of personal documents of individuals.

I need to translate a passport, birth certificate and other documents from English into Russian. I speak English and can translate the documents by myself. Can I translate them by myself?

According to the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan you will need to provide your documents to the relevant authorities, translated by a professional translator with notarization of the translator’s signature. Such services are provided by translation agencies and by translators at the notary.

How can I start working with you?

Please contact us in the way most convenient for you:
– Give us a call,
– Send an e-mail
– Fill in the request form on our website.
Our manager will contact you to clarify the details and inform you about all the steps necessary to perform top quality translation.