Technical Translation

Translation agency “A-Translation” offers the performance of professional technical translation that fully meets a highly specialized industry regulations and linguistic standards. We guarantee full compliance with the original meaning of the translated text, the correct use of terminology and high efficiency in translations of technical documents.

Translation of private documents

Different authorities may require submitting the notarized translations of some private documents. A-Translation will provide professional written translation of all necessary documents with a notary certification.

Written Translation

Today there is a high demand on written translations. For each translation we carefully select a translator who specializes in a specific field, who knows the industry and terminology. For large projects we set up a team of professional translators who work under the supervision of a project manager. All translations are proof-read by an editor.

Translation of web-sites

Translation in the field of information technology has a number of distinctive features, knowledge and understanding of which is the guarantee of high quality work. The specificity of this translation requires from a translator a good knowledge in the specified field and accurate translation of terminology.

Each site has its own unique design created by specialists to attract attention of potential customers and optimization of information perception. A professional translator must take into account all the details. And the translation text must be as close as possible to the original so as not to change the pragmatic potential of the source text. The style is very important. The style of the original text must correspond to the design of a web-site.

All web-sites are extremely different as they reflect the work of completely different companies. Thus it is important to select a translator who’ll be aware of the specifics of web-sites translation and the goal of a particular web page.

Our team of professional translators, editors, managers will do their best to perform a high quality translation of your web-site.


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