Economic and Financial Translation

Translation agency “A-Translation” has an extensive experience in economic and financial translation.


The success of a meeting with foreign partners much depends on the work of an interpreter. We provide the services of experienced consecutive and simultaneous interpreters.

Legal translation

We know how important it is to have a legal document properly translated. This is why we only work with translators who have a comprehensive working knowledge and experience in the legal industry, or else have undergone extensive legal translation training.


A-Translation performs a range of services of the notary certified translations and in strict compliance with the requirements of the public authorities of a country.

Certified translations are certified by the personal signature of the translator. Then provided copies are checked with the original, stitched, signed and stamped by a notary. After that, the document becomes legally valid and can be submitted to the official authorities of Kazakhstan or to public services of foreign countries.

Translations are certified by:

  • seal of the agency;
  • notary.

Medical Translation

Medical translation is a serious and responsible work that requires from a translator the knowledge of the specific medical terminology and maximum concentration to the details.We can use consultations of specialized doctors if needed.

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